Orange Cube - no servo output - help?


We have a rc-controlled boat I have a pixhawk cube orange running ArduRover v4.2.3. Quikrun 8BL150 ESCs that run our Blue Robotics M200 thrusters. A Futaba T14SG transmitter with a crossfire antenna.
We have had everything up and running. No problems at all. A couple weeks ago one of the thruster cables shorted out when some water made its way where it’s not supposed to be. Everything was turned off at the time. All the other electronics are fine but for some reason I am no longer able to get the thrusters to work. I can see in Mission Planner that I have signal in from the TX and that there is servo output but the ESCs blink quick red. I interpret this as the throttle range needing to be calibrated but when trying to do so the the thrusters do not do their normal ‘beep’ when setting neutral, ‘beep, beep’ full forward, and ‘beep, beep, beep’ full reverse.
I have tried everything I can think of. Loading the parameters on a different pixhawk, using a new ESC, using different transmitters, new cables, etc but for some reason the ESC’s will not calibrate.

Does anyone have any idea as to why I am not able to calibrate the ESC’s or what may be causing my problems? I am open to any possible input as I feel like I have tested everything. My weakness is not fully understanding the programming side of Mission Planner as we had help setting things up.

@SoundSearcher which servo outputs were you using? Can you try changing the servo from Main to Aux or vice-versa, just to check if that makes any difference. Also what is the maximum voltage that might have been injected into the Servo pins during the short?

Hi sidbh,
Thanks for your reply. I figured out the problem. It was a common ground that was missing. I redid all the cables and removed everything that wasnt needed or in use and now everything is working again.