Orange Cube - serial port inversion

I’m trying SERIAL_OPTIONS to get 1-wire S-port to my FrSky XSR to no avail. On a Pixhawk4 (F7) it works without a hitch. On the Orange Telem2, adjusting serial2_ it doesn’t.
Passthru works using an external MAX3232 with _OPTIONS left at 0.


It gets weirder… it only works if powered by USB cable. With regular power coming from LiPo via a Mauch BEC to Power1, no passthru telemetry at all.

I have tried all 3 available ports: 1, 2 and 4. Inversion doesn’t work, no matter the power source. Uninverted, with a 3232 adapter, stream starts from all three ports only with USB inserted. On LiPo alone it won’t start. And it doesn’t matter if I have a regular SiK radio telemetry - which works in all cases - plugged or not in another port.

[LLE] Will anything burn or explode if I move the cube to another carrier ? I have a Kore in a drawer, or I can replace a Black Cube.

Cubes are all compatible with all carriers

May be time to link this post over at ardupilot and ask there…

Pretty difficult to raise a 4.0-dev problem in a 3.6 thread :smiley:

I fiddled some more with the issue today. If I boot on USB, them plug the LiPo and unplug the USB, Passthru works and keeps working OK until reboot.
If I boot on LiPo, then plug USB nothing happens until I unplug the LiPo. Then suddenly passthru starts streaming, and keeps streaming if I plug the LiPo back and remove the USB.
Regular SiK radios work seamless when inserted in the same ports, set for MavLink, no matter the power source.
There’s only one other avenue I can think of in peripheral hardware testing… my laptop outputs 4.94V on USB, while the BEC is set for 5.3V. I can try a lower-voltage BEC.
Is there an Orange Cube schematic posted with public access ? Is there any hardware change in, say, level-converters ? I know in theory all serial comms would’ve been affected, and they aren’t, just this Passthru is misbehaving…

What do you mean about it being difficult to ask a 4.0 question on the ardupilot forum? I’m confused. Just ask the question…

This is a software issue, there is no change on the schematics at all on that section

Cube Orange schematics are in the same place cube black schematics are at… ProfiCNC GitHub

Now that we have a 4.0 section, the issue has been posted.

Back in the days of drones-discuss on google groups it was easier to discuss problems in master. Nowadays the devs have shielded themselves somehow from the community noise, and it’s understandable

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All the developer team are available on so many forums all day and every day.
There is no “shielding”

When you posted, 4.0 was master…

Anyway, in future, just ask a question, less drama, more action!

There is no project worldwide where the devs are more accessible