Orange Cube setup

Hello all,
First post I’ve done on here.
I am building a hexacopter using the orange cube and after designing and printing out the airframe I finally got to the point where I could install all the motors and hardware. Exciting day…except after plugging into both my computer and into the herelink controller, the software does not seem to recognize the hardware and wont connect. Am I missing something? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The cube comes with no software installed. You will need to put on what ever flavour of Ardupilot you need.

Excellent! Thank you sir! That’s the impression I was beginning to get from some videos I was watching. Do I use mission planner to install the firmware onto the hardware or is it a drag and drop deal? Thanks for your help!

You will need a GCS software to install the firmware.
Mission Planner is recommended for Ardupilot users, while QGC for PX4 users.

Excellent, thanks for all the help guys!