Orange is the new Black


changes are coming… and they are all awesome!


I waited until the last minute to buy the black cube hoping the orange would come out and now it’s here :cold_sweat:
Great news!


Exciting :grinning:

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The question is… what about Yellow? Poor Yellow :frowning:

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Speed induced blush and became orange😎

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No yellow please. Candy Orange looks amazing! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Orange cubes will be our new base model.

Black cubes become our Long term stable premium product and will be priced as such

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Slightly confused but sounds good regardless.


Basically, OEMs and commercial users don’t want change… change is risk.

The orange is all new with awesome new features! Which an OEM or commercial user hear as “risk, risk, risk”

But as the blacks have components that are now end of life, but are well proven, we want to get our normal, hobby and bleeding edge users to use orange to save the blacks for those guy’s.

The best way to do this is to drop the price of the Orange massively, and lift the price of the Black.

So the Orange with ADSB carrier board, will be $250 RRP

BLACK is yet to be locked down.

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Thanks I was struggling with that when you posted.

Where does the Yellow fit into this setup as I though that was the lower spec on of the two ?


Yellow is for those who insist on using PX4

Nuttx cannot yet run on H7 correctly,

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Ahhhhh crystal clear now :).

So orange is the new black for Ardu users. Cool beans.