Orange, Yellow, Blue and Pink Cubes.. Whats the difference?


Im seeing from a long time diferent kind of cubes, and as I understand, the best one was the Black. Now Im reading an Orange Cube will replace the Black Cube, and Im looking too there is a blue cube that cost 500 usd (, and it say has 3 IMU, 2 CPU, etc, the same it sopose to be the black cube. Why the blue one is soo expensive?

There is any chart of the specs of all the cubes to compare them?


The blue is the same as black - it is just made in the USA for companies that must source from USA (typically govt contractors with contractual restrictions).

Purple is similar to Black/Blue, but only features 1x IMU. Intended for recreational end users who dont need triple redundancy.

Green is similar to Black/Blue, but with circuit tweaks for the 3DR SOLO. (Something about the PWM voltage level?)

Yellow is similar to Black/Blue, but with the STM32F7 processor instead of the Black/Blue STM32F427. Yellow has a faster processor for more computing power.

Orange and Red are future products that I assume will have even faster processors.

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great thanks!

Orange has STM32H7

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Is there anymore information on the cube orange other than it is STM32H7? I see they have been released in beta but the link for more information is broken and takes you no where.

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where is that link?