Output Power, Countries where approved

Can you tell me the RF output power of the Herelink Units in the 2.4 GHz range, both sides out of the radios and antenna.
I am getting some questions on where the units are allowed to be operated. Are they licensed or at least filed for use? I only see on the spec FCC 20 KM CE. What about various other locations in the world as well?

Detachable directional antenna: 5dBi
Detachable omni-directional: 2dBi

The output power is limited under the accordingly set RF authentication.

OK. I understand that that is the Gain of the Antennae. I was looking for the actual TX power from both the controller and the air side units of the Herelink. Something like 100 mW, etc.

In fcc it’s around 28db and around 650 - 680mw depending on channel. CE will be less and usually 16-20db

What can we expect in SRRC?