Over voltage repairs - Herelink

We get through quite a bit of hardware - Most of it ends up on UAVs that go off and do really interesting stuff.

Occasionally someone messes up and something gets damaged. Even more rarely I take a look at the faulty parts and see if any of them can be salvaged.

Today is a HereLink air unit that apparently was connected to 16v DC. The only physical damage can be seen here:

Curious to know if anyone has experienced similar and if they got lucky by replacing the blown component. Does anyone know what value it was?

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This is a Littelfuse SPHV12-01ETG-C for protection.
You may try to remove it and see if air unit would turn on. If it do, solder a new one to restore the protection.
Otherwise, some other components may have died either.

Thank you for your advice. I have attempted this but it looks like something else is also damaged. Unsure what. Will recycle this part.