Parachute not working with Orange Cube Aux1?

I tried to set up a parachute with Aux1 on orange cube. Doesn’t work. Then I tried to plug a servo motor and try. Doesn’t work. Nothing is moving.
I tried to change to Aux2 still nothing is moving.
When I look at the status, it says parachute is released.
I wonder anyone can help me what exactly is wrong?

chute_alt_min 0
chute_crt_sink 0
chut_delay_ms 500
chute enabled 1
chute servo off 1100
chute servo on 1900
chute type 10

servo9_function 27
servo9_max 1900
servo9_min 1100
servo9 reversed 0
servo9 trim 1500

brd_safetyenable 0

Its connected to Aux1 connect correctly

Any knows what did I do wrong?

I found the problem. Its actually that the carrier board does not gives out any power.
When connected AUX1, I need to connect to another power source 5v.
+5v I connected to the bec. -5v I connect to both bec and Aux1 - and Signal to AUX1.

The servo rail on carrier board does not give any power unless you power it externally with BEC.