Parameters are missing

Hello everyone, parameters are missing seems like a common error.
I have a brand new unit fully updated & calibrated
Missing params: -1:COMPASS_PRIMARY
Does anyone have a fix?

Thanks D

Can I have a screenshot?
Which cube are you using?

I am using a Orange

Same issue on Cube Black. Only happened after updating to Copter 4.0.4.

This is probably due to the changes in Ardu on the new compass setup. QGC is warning you that it can’t find the pram and it’s probably looking at the old one.

There is an update due soon for this I believe for QGC.

That explains why this warning wasn’t popping up in MP. Thanks!

So will it affect the flight? Im having problems with my t960 build actually crashed it today, not sure if I wanna even fly it with the two errors im getting…
“fully supports version 3.3” & “Missing params: -1:COMPASS_PRIMARY” I would of picked a different setup if i knew it was going to be such a hassle with waiting for updates.

The errors with not cause you craft to crash but your setup could, how are you configuring everything overall, are you using Mission planner to setup or Herelink ?

You have to understand you are using multiple different open source software that all update and do things at different points. None of this is one products from one manufacturer and there can be some steps that are ahead or behind.

Ardupilot have totally changed how they handle mag sensors now for CAN and improved setup overall and QGC is now telling you on Herelink it does not recognise the new options basically. This is nothing but a warning to say it can not see the expected settings.

All major configuration should really be done on a ground station like Mission planner. The errors in QGC can then be ignored.

There is multiple layers at play here, Ardupilot makes a change then everyone else has to change their software follow. Mission planner is very much done in tandem with Ardupilot but QGC can often lag behind. It’s nothing unusual to get the errors as it’s simply warnings. Tbh QGC is way too sensitive on warning imo with prams especially.

I would post a log from the crash.

Well im kinda novice that built a really expensive setup right off the bat for photography haha… but ya I calibrated everything using mission planner the crash happened when i changed flight modes actually auto - stabilize. Everything was fine I probably should of calibrate everything again on site before take off but then I went to RTL and I think my finger slipped and hit stabilize. Got any helpful knowledge on fine tuning anything?