Picamera preview on herelink

ive connected my raspberry pi succesfully to the herelink, and its screen shows up on the herelink. However, when i try to view the preview of a pi camera that i connected to my raspberry pi, it does not show up on the screen. If i try connecting it to my monitor it shows up. Any reason for this and can i change it?


You have to configure the resolution so the HereLink can handle it, generally 1080/30 should be compatible.

Do not use the command line tools of the Raspberry Pi. The best way is a small Python script with OpenCV and then you can add additional info.On the picture you can see 3 cameras simultaneously with OpenCV and Python.

I like the Radio Tray, Is this custom made or comercially available ?

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@patrickpoirier that is self-produced. But the hangers are from Jeti

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