Pin identification of SBus-Out/CONS on standard carrier board

Can someone please help me find a diagram that identifies the six pins on the standard carrier board’s SBus-Out/CONS connector?

I’m planning on using SBus-Out for a camera triggering device.

Thank you!

s-bus out photo

This is connecting to the ground. And with the pinout in Ardupilot github

you can get the pin order.

CONS is no longer available on ADS-B carrier board, as the ADS-B receiver occupied this serial.

Thank you Alvin - this is exactly what I needed to know!

I didn’t see a reference in the doc to setting SERIAL5_PROTOCOL. Since I have an ADSB carrier board - and CONS is no longer available - does serial5 exist on my installation?

In particular - with the CONS no longer available on the ADSB carrier board, do I need to set SERIAL5_PROTOCOL=15 (SBus servo out)?

Once again - thanks so much for your assistance!

Re-reading your message - I think I understand that on an ADSB carrier board, Serial5 is connected directly to the ADSB radio - so any Ardupilot setting changes for Serial5_xxx relate only to the function of the ADSB radio.

I don’t use the ADSB radio - so I presume Serial5 is simply unavailable for use for other purposes.

However on my mini carrier board - I’m guessing Serial5 is functional and available. (I haven’t looked over those pin locations)

Since the CONS function is now moved to the USB connection, I can see why it’s not labeled on my carrier board.

I don’t know how many people use SBus-Out, but maybe it would be a good idea to add it to the regular CubePilot documentation where the other connector pins are identified.

It seems neither serial5 nor Sbus-out are supported on the Mini Carrier Board.

Looks like the Airbot carrier board doesn’t support Serial5 either.

The document in docs.cubepilot is actually descripting the Cube itself. It is probably not a good idea to include the pin order as it may confuse users of other carrier board.

The Ardupilot github document actually defined the sbuso pinout clearly

The pinout in the CONS port table below is ordered so that the GND pin is closest to the cube.

For reason why smaller carrier boards don’t have serial5 and sbuso available, I believe it is due to lack of space and relatively low usage.