Pixhawk 2.1 black cube no output to Sabertooth

Flysky FS-IA6B to pixhawk 2.1 blackF Cube to Sabertooth 2x32

Hello all, wow am I having a huge learning curve.
I am very new and can’T wait to get up and running with my project.
First base is to enable my remote control to operate my rover platform via the pixhawk 2.1 black cube
Mission Planner 1.3.70 Build 1.3.7277 ArduRover V4.0.0(0e52bafa)
Sabertooth Dip settings are set to Radio control 1=off 2=on 3=on 4=on 5=on 6=on

I can see the one paddle operating within the mission planner software but can understand why the output to the sabertooth is not working
The only output setting that I can see working on the screen is radioPassthru soi set this on 1 and 3 output and still nothing to the both drive motors
I disconnect the PH 2.1 cube and made sure the radio to sabertooth was working and all good
I have learn that in order for the mission planner software to see the radio it must be on SBUS PPM
I can see the transmitter works fine when in calibration
I can also see the output 1 and 3 moving when I move the left paddle
But I can get any movement from either drive motor

Thankyou anyone that can help

What mode you in ? As standard Ardurover is in Hold, you will need to select one of the manual or guided modes. Set it to manual to test.

Have you armed the autopilot ?

You need to set the everything to skid steer ideally for this setup, im using a cube purple I’m my rover build with no issues.

Also have you tried connecting the Sabertooth to the PC software and checking the inputs. Iv not got the leaflet I front of me now but I would digest configuring via the software as you have far more options.

I can do a quick video to guide you though the Ardu setup in a few days if you wish.

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Hi Ian,

I can use the Sabertooth with a problem when connected straight to receiver so I have ruled out the Sabertooth to be an issue.

I did however learn last night that the power supply may be the problem
I’m only getting milliamps in the milliamps out