Pixhawk 2.1 Cube and FPV

Hi All! I am finally getting to finish a build I started about a year ago-- long range plane setup with a cube 2.1. I fired up the Pixhawk cube yesterday and it booted right up and updated to the latest firmware for plane.

  1. Upon doing research, I saw that there is now an on-board OSD-- but only with certain chipsets for the cube. Anyone know if a 2.1 cube purchased around January 2018 would have integrated OSD? When Misisonplanner asked me if it was a cube black, I hit yes.

  2. For a FPV setup with the cube, has anyone had any experience setting it up with a runcam/foxeer smaller fpv camera? I dont care about controlling the runcam remotely, just using it to record video on an SD card and for linking it to the FPV. Any tips on wiring/powering the runcam would be appreciated, as I have been out of the sport for a while! If you have other suggestions, I would appreciate it. I would be using a 1.3 system.

The cube has never had onboard OSD

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Weird-- thought I saw something about chiribios. So I will need minumosd? Is there anyway to hook up a runcam/foxeer onto the cube to power it or will I need a separate power system?

Always best to power separately :slight_smile:

The minum will work fine :slight_smile:


May I suggest the Pitlabs OSD board. It’s more expensive than a minumosd but has a number of features that are handy. I use them on my multi-rotors.

By using the OSD on screen menus controlled via your radio, you can change Arduplane flight modes beyond the 6 in Mission Planner, change basic tuning and other things.

Full featured graphical OSD and the best tech support I’ve ever seen.

Hi Ron! Thanks for the reply. Does the Pitlabs integrate well with the cube 2.1?


The Pitlabs OSD board is part of their system of OSD and Autopilot. Those are separate boards with the AP stacked on top of the OSD. In that arrangement, the OSD gets some of the display information from the AP and some it generates itself for display. You can’t use the Pitlabs AP when using a Cube because of the way you connect to the Cube. The OSD board gets all the information from the Cube that it used to get from the AP.

It’s very easy to connect the Cube to Pitlabs using a 3 wire cable that runs from a Cube telem port to the OSD board. It’s TX, RX and GND wires only. I used one of the telem cables that comes with the Cube, removed the un-needed wires, and for the Pitlabs end, crimped the wires into a standard servo connector.

Think of the OSD board as a device like a telemetry radio. Through the OSD menu controlled by your radio, you can change things in the Cube, change a flight mode, start an automated route, change basic tuning, etc. You’re not limited to a single mission you build in Mission Planner either. By using a few “Do_Jump” commands, multiple missions can be constructed and you select the one you want in the OSD menu.

If you have more questions, let me know.



Here’s a link explaining how to connect the boards and concepts.



SUPER helpful! thank you!