Pixhawk 2.1 hardware lifecycle


I have a few Pixhawk 2.1 boards that support intel Edison. I purchased those around 2017 and have been working reliably ever since!

I wonder if I should retire my broads after a certain amount of operating hours? Given the fact that they control expensive pieces of equipment? Some part of me loves those old broads and doesn’t want to risk it and buy a new one.

Many thanks to the guys at Proficnc for the awesome job!

There is no life limit parts in Pixhawk 2.1 board.
I could not give a confirmed life time or circle for your Pixhawk 2.1 board,since UAV could been operated in various environment,
You could keep use it as long as you maintain it in a good condition.
But since you use this board to conrtol expensive equipment, may I recommend you change to new board(orange set),and use this 2.1 as a back up.