Pixhawk 2 Cube Amber LED Not Working / Not Showing COM Port

(Harshit Kumar Sankhla) #1

Using a Cube Flight Controller

When connected to the computer, it powers on and gives a red/amber color light but is not detected by the computer. It does not show on the list of USB devices and also does not connect with ground station software like QGroundControl.

changed the usb cable and try to connect but no use.

Videos here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nvNOiWdiGchmLii9UhQr6ZcNU5sFWBEl?usp=sharing

(Ian ) #2

What’s is showing in the full device manager ? I suspect you need to install the driver package. It’s on the Downloads page and listed on here as well.

(Ian ) #3

Install this


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(Harshit Kumar Sankhla) #4

I’ve tried in Linux as well which requires no driver, still not working.

Plus it is not making the boot sound when it powers up anymore


May I ask what was happening before this? Was it working, then stopped?