Pixhawk 2 Cube Amber LED Not Working / Not Showing COM Port

Using a Cube Flight Controller

When connected to the computer, it powers on and gives a red/amber color light but is not detected by the computer. It does not show on the list of USB devices and also does not connect with ground station software like QGroundControl.

changed the usb cable and try to connect but no use.

Videos here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nvNOiWdiGchmLii9UhQr6ZcNU5sFWBEl?usp=sharing

What’s is showing in the full device manager ? I suspect you need to install the driver package. It’s on the Downloads page and listed on here as well.

Install this


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I’ve tried in Linux as well which requires no driver, still not working.

Plus it is not making the boot sound when it powers up anymore

May I ask what was happening before this? Was it working, then stopped?

I am using this as a flight controller for my hexcopter. It is connected to an Intel NUC which is also mounted on the drone. Everything is powered through LiPo batteries with appropriate voltages. The NUC is connected to the PixHawk through the USB connection. The PixHawk also receives power through the LiPo (I think it switches internally to the best source, we need the USB connection for ROS, as telemetry is connected a separate base station computer which has RTK)

On one fine day when we were taking the drone out for a test, the PixHawk powers on, but does not give the usual beep sounds which it used to, it also does not get detected on the USB ports, nor on QGroundControl. The sensors connected to the PixHawk(GPS, etc) receive power and are working as normal.

What version of Ardu you using ? Is it chibios ?

As a side note…

Connection of a companion computer to a cube in flight is never recommended.

Are you connected via the buzzer/USB connector? The other connector must NEVER be connected in flight.

If it’s failed… RMA it

Ardupilot 3.6 with ChibiOS

How to do that, can you please point me

by other you mean the microUSB port ?

Will it allow you to update?
You should be on 3.6.11 chibios

I’ve tested on Ubuntu which is driverless for this, not detecting as a device. Can’t see it on QGC or APM as well. Its dead in connectivity, can’t pick anything from telemetry too.

And yes, I confirmed with my team, we flashed the default one from QGC which gives ChibiOS. Though Ardupilot has both 3.6 in NuttX and ChibiOS flavours. I guess the default QGC installs on Cube is the ChibiOS one.

Hi. I´ve purchased the orange cube which comes with ads-b. I have the same problem, I was be able to upload the firmware but I can not connect my flight controller with mission planner. I am using windows 7 in a Virtual Machine. I tried Ubuntu and MacOS and nothing. It also blinks ambar color an then is goes dark. I hope someone can help me. Cheers

If it blinks amber, then goes dark, it’s behaving perfectly.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that not even Microsoft supports Windows 7 anymore…

You must update Mission Planner and update your drivers. Link to drivers is in the announcements section

Use mission planner

There is nothing wrong. You have 2 devices plugged into the same usb port at the same time unplug your NUC then plug in your pc