Pixhawk CB REV_E Schematics *help please*


I am interested in improvements on Pixhawk orange cube carrier board, I have Pixhawk orange cube REV_E carrier board. I want to design a new PCB to improve myself and add additional features. Since it is open source, I searched on the internet as carrier board reference design and came across this link. GitHub - proficnc/The-Cube: home of the cube Autopilot

When I examined the documents and the card, I saw that they were two different revisions. A document of REV_C containing Edison in the document in the link. I have the REV_E version. That’s why I can’t understand why the other components around the Ping component are placed and what they do.

Could you please share the schematic documents of the REV_E version?

I think pinouts itself are same! No changes have been made to carrier pinouts except external SPI pins which are repurposed in coming revision.

@philip can comment better on this.

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