Pixhawk Cube does not boot after interrupted calibrations

Hello everyone! I am facing an issue that after some failed esc and compass calibrations, actually I disconnected/interrupted since I could not complete the calibrations, my pixhawk cube is not booting. I use Gnss Here 2 with it. Only safety switch’s red led is flashing. Side LEDs are not flashing. Besides, since it is not booting, usb cable from pixhawk to pc is not recognized. I can easily see that there is not any COM port in device manager list and Mission Planner can not detect the port. So, I can not connect to pixhawk via USB and can not change anything. I already downloaded latest drivers with latest Mission Planner. In short, I am suspecting that interruptions of the calibrations damaged the cube in terms of software. Anyone experienced that before?

Can you probe how many voltage are there across leftmost and rightmost pin on telem1 port?

Hello sir, firstly thanks for your reply. After trying another cube in the carrier board, we found that our former cube was damaged. We have one working now, so the solution is found.