Pixhawk Cube Dual Battery Configuration

Hello all,

I will use 6s LIPO 5000mah X 2 and I’m scared to burn the battery or drone when I connect the power.

I heard that configuration “2” is the best.

but, I have 2 battery monitors and I dont want configuration “2” because I have to buy or make “Y” cable.

I do not want to make “Y” cable.

is it possible to use configuration “3”?

will there is no problem? I will connect “battery monitor 1” to “pixhawk cube connector power 1” & “battery monitor 2” to “pixhawk cube connector power 2”

Im planning to lift up heavy things so current draw will be severe. will this doubling battery monitor help me?

I think you can connect different power modual with each battery, in order to to monitor each barrery condition individually.(as long as the wiring is correct)
I used to build a set up same as your set"3" , and it works fine (monitor two batteries with one cube).
Please double check your wiring make sure you use same battery before connect to your battery and drone.