Pixhawk Cube Dual battery Power schematic

Hello all,

I know 2 is the best power configuration.

but configuration “2” need “Y jack” but I dont have, and I have to order it and wait for “Y jack”
and now I already soldered my drone, so if I try configuration “1” I have to unscrew all drone and resolder it

so I question… is configuration “1” also safe?

I will use 6s LIPO 5000mah X 2 and I’m scared to burn the battery or drone when I connect the power.

I know current draw on the flight log will be incorrect but it does not matter to me.

thank you for your reply in advance.

your configuration is not good you will not get any details about voltage drop of battery 2.it is not recommended .in this case you are connecting the battery in parallel after power module at this point you also need connector parallel to series . it is better to you wait and use configuration 2. in parallel connection both battery should have same voltage and mAH.if both battery is not have same voltage it damage the battery

Ideally you want the Mauch sensor hub and two voltage/current sensors and BECs.
And you set the BATT parameters like this:

  • Voltage divider = (Voltage divider sensor 1 + Voltage divider sensor 2) / 2
  • Amp/ Volt = Amp/V Sensor 1 + Amp/V Sensor 2

thank you for your reply.

yes I know not same voltage will damage the battery

so Im already taking care about it.

thank you.