Pixhawk Cube not giving power to external devices

I am encountering an issue with my Pixhawk Cube on ArduPilot 4.0.3 where when I power it (either from the flight battery or USB power) it turns on and I can see the LED’s surrounding the cube turn on. I checked with a multimeter and 5V pins on the GPS 1 and 2 and Telem 1 and 2 are at 5V but after roughly 5-6 seconds they drop to 0V. For my config, I am using a mRo GPS on the GPS 1 port, a Reach M+ RTK GPS on the GPS2 port (Note I am only using TX, RX, and GND as the Pixhawk cannot supply enough current to power the Reach, I’m am powering that via a external battery through a USB connection), I’ve got the Mavlink radio on the Telem2 port, and finally I’m using a TerraBee LiDAR and the Magnetometer in the mRo GPS on the I2C bridge.

This issue only cropped up recently and yesterday it was maintaining power to all external accessories. I’ve tried reflashing to AC4.0.3 and downgrading to AC3.6.11 but the issue persisted. Seems like the Pixhawk still functions after I am connected (via a usb cable rather then the sik radio as that loses power) because it maintains a connection and I can see readings coming from the barometer as well as the Reach M+ (which isn’t powered by the pixhawk). Any idea’s, thanks!

Pixhawk Cube not giving power to external GPS, LiDAR, etc

Cube PSM would do that if there is a short. Check for all pins.

@Mallikarjun_SE You’re correct. Looks like there was a bit of moisture that caused the short. Put it in a dehydrator for a day and now its right as reign. Thanks.