Pixhawk orange cube position hold/Loiter issue

Hey guys,
so here is the video and the log of the flight

Pixhawk 2 cube orange
tmotors 380kv
650mm frame size.

The copter is not holding altitude in alt hold mode and not holding position in loiter mode and also not holding position in position old on mode.
Have changed the parameters to set the GPS in CAN mode.

https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiLsgqfj0M1LjTlp5biyhS3D45N-00000021.BIN (3.5 MB) 00000022.BIN (82.9 KB) 00000020.BIN (386 KB) 00000023.BIN (65 KB)

Hey! Looks like problem is your flying area. Looks like you are surrounded with buildings. This causes Multipathing of GPS signal. Fly somewhere in open space.

Flew in open space too and its the same behaviour which u can see in the video