Please help me see the good in this abomination

I absolutely love the Cube- it is amazing- kind of like the Blues Brothers which is my favourite film of all time. The worst film of all time is Blues Brothers 2000 and this is kind of what I think about the Herelink - it is an abomination.
So here are my issues:
The herelink fan design is abysmal- almost impossible to mount properly with all four screws mounted properly- seriously one of the worst bits of design I have come across in some time.
The hand unit is so under spec’ed- no proper switches and a very limited number, no proper dials (try doing a manual tune with a Herelink?), need to reboot it after a reboot on the aircraft. Sticks are ergonomically limited etc
Software for the air unit is simply non functional - at least on my Mac.
Airunit was bound and working yesterday- today it is not linking and pressing the link button on the air unit does nothing. Flasher_mac just opens a text document. Flasher on parallels just doesn’t work and there is nothing to help set this lot up.