Please help to run Motor test using Mission Planner and PX

Dear Forum,

This is my first time to assemble drone.
I connected motors,ESCs, PX and connected it to Mission Planner.

I dont user RC Receiver, I want to use telemetry module instead.

After drone power, the Pixhawk light becomes Pulsing Purple. My drone is not Armed.
Now when in MissionPlanner I do: Initial Setup ->Motor Test-> Test Motor A. The pixhawk makes noise and changes its light color to:
Pulsing Blue-Red, than to Pulsing Purple.

Can you please help understand what is going on?
For more details, please see attached drone photos

If this is your first time… use an RC as well as telemetry.

Taking shortcuts will lead to crashes.

Did you press the safety button?

What messages does mission planner show when it’s booting and when you try and arm it?

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