Potential thrust lost (3)

Hello friends,

While my quad is armed and at 50% throttle or more I’m getting a message potential thrush lost (3) in Mission planner.

Anybody have any clue on what that actually means and how to fix it?

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This is a tell something is off with your build or setting.

Thrust loss detection will only happen if the aircraft does not have enough thrust to maintain altitude.

What is your setup in detail and have you Calibrated mid throttle and hover ?

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Hello Ian,

This is a New set up and I have not yet taken it for its maiden flight. I’m using the orange cube with the most recent version of the firmware and mission planner 1.3.70 With the orange cube.

My quad has the following: KDE7215XF-135 and KDE-UAS125UVC-HE 125A+UHV.

I have performed a radio calibration and went through the initial set up and have set up my Min and Max PWM‘s. Other than performing a radio calibration how specifically do Calibrated mid throttle and hover ?


Can you post a .bin file from the FC so we can see what’s going on?

00000011.BIN (2.3 MB)

Here one of the .bin files from today.

Pic of drone above.

Unfortunately that log is not much help as you are not logging RC in or out, Mags or battery.
Looking at what little data there is, was this a bench test without props?

You also have more to do in setting up.
You need to read the tuning page here to begin with.

This is a new build of a heavy lifting drone that I designed. This is my first time using the set up and mission planner. I am using the KORE Carrier Board with the orange cube. I’ve been working on this project since the middle of last summer. And you’re right I am at the tuning stage.
This was a bench test without the props on. I will turn on logging to collect information.
What is the commands to turn on full login?


Please Check your ESC configuration.,
Change it to One Shot, set minimum spin to 150 and maximum to 800 and try again…
A probable idea is may be you are trying it without propellers.
UAVs have a fail safe setting which compares the barometer reading with the motor speed. If speed of motor is increasing but altitude doesn’t change, a potential thrust loss is detected.

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Thank you.

Copter overweight/underpowered.

You are still running default parameters, go to the Tuning wiki page at Arducopter

The copter is not balanced well adding to. your problems.

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