Power brick mini

My hexacopter consumes 40 to 45 amp in flight but most of the websites suggest that the power module i am using ie, the power brick mini can sense up to 30 amps continuously max. how much safe maximum current the brick mini can be used in an 6S voltage configuration.

I would upgrade to something like a Mauch Current sensor and regulator.

It’s been said you will melt the XT60 before the power brick dies but you should take into account is basically a free addition tossed onto the kit, as power is one of the most important things holding your craft in the air i would get your self the Mauch system.


Thanks a lot @MadRC. actually i have crashed my hexacopter before just due to same issue after crash i found that my XT60 connecting between battery and power module melted burning the brick too.

For safe side i will go for mauch as you suggested.

Thanks for reply and suggestion

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