Power Brick on a 45A max plane

Dear community,
I am building my Tuffwing UAV mapper flying wing, it will be around 2kg in total. The motor, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3542-1000kv, has a peak current draw of 45A.
However, as people get around 30 mins of flight out of a 6Ah battery with that plane, the average current draw is well below 20A.
Will I be ok?

The power brick mini is capable with

Max continuous current sensing: 30A
Max burst current: 100A

But you may also consider Mauch or other power module.

Thanks, @Alvin !
I guess my question is essentially “What’s the definition of burst”?
Say the plane goes above 30A for the first 10 seconds during launch, and then for a few seconds every now and then, would that still be fine?

this question really depends on so many factors.

our power brick is actually rated as max 124A but it will get hot fast. at 30A it will run all day every day, and will not give you issues.

if you wish to go to 40-50A for takeoff, just test it in the conditions that you are expecting on the ground, then check the board temperature, try and keep it below 100 degrees c, and you will be ok, forced cooling also helps.

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Thanks, @philip!
Yes, I am planning to build a thrust test stand anyway (nothing fancy, just something that fixes the plane onto a platform that slides against a load cell, measuring force, voltage and current) to explore the performance, so I can run it through a performance test and keep an eye on the temperature of the power brick.
If I get 'round to it, I might post the results here.