Power cable issue

i have been using the cube(s) for few years and i always have a issue in the power cables (the wires get cut where they meet with the leads) they are quite fragile and give way even when one is quite careful in placing and removing them…

i dont seem to find the power cables being sold separately and end up buying a lot of the power mini bricks which does not make sense…

  1. where can one purchase these power 2 cables ONLY…
  2. can we remove the leads from the connectors and fix the wires back if yes how (searched quite a bit online but could not get a tutorial on how to do this)
  3. what is the name of these leads?



Yes, these connectors fail to our surprise !!

The bigger connector is MOLEX CLICKMATE with 2mm pitch . You can Google or use Farnell , RS components , DigiKey to source this item.
The one connected to the Power mini brick is a GHR-JST 1.25 mm pitch connector
The technical word is " plug housing " and the " crimping terminals" . Both are purchased separately.

thanks a lot sibujacob… will try to source this online and stock up a few … wish we had a “better” wiring system to connect as i had almost a large disaster due to this wire being cut internally (one inspection one does not get to see that the wire has cut from the lead)


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Ensure the wires are not bent over or pulled tight where they exit the housing, so there is a length of wire to allow flexibility without breaking. Too much length and you’ll have wires that are contributing to vibrations and moving around with prop wash.
Cover the length between the two flexible ends “snakeskin” (mesh wrap) or similar and secure it to the airframe so it cannot move.

I didn’t have an example using a Cube, this will have to do. Ignore grass and debris blown in from the last landing. It’s not a perfect professional example either, but you can see how we stripped back the stiff outer covering of the GPS cable to allow flexibility, and covered the other wires leaving plenty of flexibility, and secure them all to the airframe.

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