Power herelink

Hi. Same problem to power the herelink but also having some problem to power my gopro gimbal. I want to use only one battery to power the whole drone. I am bit confused. Can I power the herelink and gimbal in this way -----> The drone battery will be connected to pixhawk cube orange power bridge mini (input) and the output of power bridge mini to my PDB (power distribution board). The other port of power bridge mini will be connected to pixhawk cube orange power pins to power the pixhawk cube orange. In this way, the pixhawk cube orange and Power distribution board will get power. After that I need to utilize four positive pins and four negative pins to power my 4 drone’s esc as I am making a quadcopter. The left over pins on the power distribution board will be utilized to give power to the herelink system and the gimbal but there the problem will be that the power distribution board will have so much power, so to reduce the power to 12 volt, we can use bec ( battery eliminator circuit) or a voltage regulator to reduce the power. In this way one battery can be used to power the herelink, pixhawk cube orange, gimbal and power distribution board ( the esc ). Am I correct ?

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