Power Supply - 7V vs 12V?

Hey everyone,

My team is currently working on a project which uses LiFePo4 batteries instead of LiPo and we have a 12V supply instead of the recommended 7V (2S).

What is the difference if I use 7V vs 12V and will it still be safe to use?

We definitely expect long range and low latency.

Thanks in advance!

Voltage will not change the range. 12V will work, but it is the limit, be sure your power supply do not exceed 12v or you can burn the air module.

Thank you for the response.

How about heating issues at a higher voltage etc.? I remember reading that herelink air unit does heat up a lot, so will the heating effect be amplified by the supply? Wouldn’t that cause electronics to not perform at optimal capacity theoretically?

Sorry for the compounding questions.

The air units heats, that’s a reality. It could be a bit hot but regarding all the setup i made with it, it doesn’t need an additional fan. It could be necessary if your drone do not have enough ventilations, but this case would be rare.
In most of the cases increasing the voltage, decrease the current flow = decrease the heat. But regarding the herelink, i’m not sure that the real heating part is the internal power supply, i bet on video or RF chips or something like that.
I tested the air unit with 5V, 7V and 12V and do not notice any significant temperature difference.

Hi Julien,

We just used a M4 ATX to power the herelink air unit and it reads a steady 12.25V, but it is slightly hot to touch. Is that normal or are we too close to the maximum limit?



12V is suggested max

Hi, we used herelink on the voltage above for a while, no problems. It’s now powered via a UBEC at 7.2V. No difference in temperature.