Powering Cube servo rail

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I’m new here, I apologize if this is a redundant question. Is it possible to power the servo rail and the main power input from the same source, or does the servo rail need a separate power source?

It’s depends on what you class as the same source. If you mean battery yes absolutely.

If you mean from the same regulator or BEC then no and caution is advised as an over current or short on the servo rail could kill your main power.

The advice I give is use a separate BEC or regulator for both. Something like the Mauch for the Cube and then another with suitable current for the rail.

It’s easy to under estimate what servos will need so make sure you specify correctly.

Also a good esc with BEC could be used to power the rail if you have that setup.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the ESC I’m using doesn’t have a power connection for the servo rail, only the ground and signal wires. Otherwise that would be perfect.

I currently have a regulator coming off the main connection from the battery to power a camera and a transmitter, I can run a second one to the rail.

That’s the best option.

Yes, but only do this on power 2

Power 2 has a zener diode protection


This thread reminded me of a question I have been meaning to ask:

Should I be installing a zener diode on my Carrier Board with Cube Orange’s servo rail?

I have 8 dji ESC’s connected (s1000) and I am using the power (middle wires) on my servo rail. Should I be using the power wire for each servo going to each motor’s ESC? Would I be just as well to remove the power wire for each? I do use the servo rail for my landing gear on AUX OUT1.

Ok, two questions.

No stress as the rail is not connected like it was on Pix 1,

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I have a pretty good and reliable setup ive beenw working with for a fixed plane. But… i have had an issue with using Lithium batteries setting off LVC in the ESC killing power to and somehow resetting the cube orange and servo rail. When using Lipo, no issue. My mistake not dissabling the LVC in the ESC but…

Having dealt with that and hearing others talk about when , not if an ESC dies, youd still need 5v going to the servo rail rfd900 and autopilot and 12v to the herelink and camera

My Siyi A8 and the herelink are powered by the Mauch 12v BEC and Current sensor. The servo rail is only connected to the BEC in the ESC which makes me nervous… i had tried using a separate connection from the battery to a 5v bec but im pretty sure it overloaded the rail? Everything seemed to get warm quick so i ditched that.

My question:
Whats the best way to add redundancy to a servo rail?