Powering the Air Unit from the Cube Orange rail

Is it ok to just power the servo rail of the Cube Orange with a step down straight from the main battery and then power the Herelink air unit from that same rail? I have plenty leftover space there and I need to power that rail anyway.

Am I overlooking something?

I have done it with out issue. It’s fine.

Thanks for answering. Am I right that powering the power2 on the Cube Orange will never power the rail. And that in case of power1 failing, the cube will take power from the servo rail?

That makes it a no brainer…

Yes the cube will never provide power to the rail however it can be powered from it in a failsafe situation of power 1 or 2 going down. The only output on the rail is Sbus but it’s not advised you power anything but a basic RX from that.

aha. And one more doubt, to test the Air Unit, it needs to be powered from the battery, cant test/upgrade etc just connecting it to the USB?

No it always needs power.

Powering the air unit from servo rail will work, but it’s not the suggested way to do it. It is more recommended to power up the air unit with separate power module.

I just took the plunge and ordered a Herelink! I am watching the tracking info with great anticipation! I plan to install it on my rover, which runs on 4S LiPos. I would really prefer not to add a 3S LiPo, but instead use a step down converter, like this one. Is this safe? I really don’t want to fry my new Herelink…

Step down module is ok. Our recommended step down module are those from Mauch:


As long as the output voltage to Herelink is under 12.6V, it should be safe.