PreArm: Internal errors 0x1000000 l:168 imu_reset

I have a lot of different Cube Orange with Here 3 GPS antenna, which are starting to blink yellow and report Internal error 0x1000000 l:168 imu_reset. Sometimes problem is solved after autopilot restart, but the problem is very frequent.

I think this started to happen with latest firmwares, so I tried also with 4.1.5, but it also happens there.
Does it have anything to do with EKF settings, or should I disable any other checks to solve this?

I am running a Rover version of autopilot.

On ardupilot forum it is said that this is a hardware issue, however I don’t think it is possible that half of the autopilots I have are having this issue (5 out of 10).

Can you help me in debugging the issue, since autopilot does not work when this Internal Error occurs.

This has been an issue for me as well. I have used several (~4) Orange Cubes and they all have intermittently given this internal imu_reset error while running a custom version of Hexacopter 4.1.5. Interestingly, it hasn’t been an issue on my tricopters which run a similarly custom version of Tricopter 4.1.5.

I’m interested in hearing if there has been any resolution whether that be a firmware update, parameter change, or other.

I was hoping someone could help me by at least pointing me to the correct direction how to debug the issue.
In last batch I have 6 from 7 Cube Orange autopilots running Rover 4.1.5 or 4.2.2 firmware with this issue.
They are not functional - one can not do a mission with them, even arming fails.
Could it be, that they all have faulty hardware?

Attached are a few screenshots and log, when this happened.

2022-08-18 (1.5 MB)

I am having this exact same issue.

I have done some additional tests and for now my solution was to downgrade the firmware to version 4.0.0.
I also suspect that higher temperatures may be the cause for this issue. Sometimes Cube works also with new firmware (4.1.15 or 4.1.22) for a few hours and then antenna lights turn yellow.

On firmware version 4.0.0. this issue has not happened for me, and have tried a few different Cube Orange pilots.

Hello radkomoder, whey you state higher temperatures, are you referring to the IMU heaters? I know 2 of mine are about 46C and on is 55C. In Mission Planner, They are set to regulate to 45C. Does anyone have any idea what they are not consistent? Is the higher temperature an issue?