Prearm: Throttle Below Failsafe (All of a sudden? Why?)


I’ve been flying my copter without issues lately.
But today when I took my copter outside to fly, I see this error which I did not get before.
“Prearm: Throttle Below Failsafe”

Also I see that no RC signal coming.

My RC: Herelink / Firmware: v4.0.8
FC: Pixhawk Orange Cube / Firmware: Arducopter v4.0.7

  1. Is it something that I’m the only one experiencing this issue?
  2. It worked fine lately. But suddenly it’s not working. I did not upgrade firmware nor change setting. But why is it not working?

I have Pre-BLVOS flight inspection from the Aviation Authority today.
I’m in real chaos.
Please help me here~!

Faced by me too

Please try to recalibrate the hardware sticks and sbus in Herelink Settings App.