Preflight_Reboot from Telemetry


Using Preflight_Reboot_Shutdown command is useful while in development and integration because you can change and reboot on the spot without having to shutdown all other systems.

But I wonder if we can issue this command on serial (Telemetry) ports. As most of the time the FC is just accessible remotely through wireless telecommunication

Humm it seems the issue is more related the way MavProxy is configured
I need more investigation on this issue… sorry for the spam

Just getting back on this, the source of problem is the way that Linux is handling the FC reboot with generic USB devices.
As the FC is rebooting it shutting down ttyAMA0 but the Kernel is not releasing it so at reboot it is getting remapped as ttyAMA1, consequently MavProxy is loosing connection and shutting down.

Solution is implementing a udev rule that creates a symbolic link to that USB device (CUBE Black) so it always stays the same for that specific USB device.