Printable Camera Quad

I have just uploaded the files on Grabcad for this quad. It specifically fits the Cube and Herelink. Can carry Sony mirrorless cameras such as the A5100. It folds away quite small and can take 6s batteries from 8Ah to 16Ah or more. The gimbal is uploaded separately but also on Grabcad.
I would highly recommend printing in Polycarbonate to avoid splitting. (The most critical part is the swing arm hinges).
Q7 Drone


Looks nice! :grin:


Nice I like that.


Well done.

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Very nice!!!

Would you be willing to write a instruction set for putting in the CubePilot docs on how to build and set this up?

@Chris? Can you help?

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Thanks. Ok can begin to put something together but wont be for a week or 2 probably.

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Updated gimbal (with better vibration isolation) uploaded to Grabcad. Fits this drone.

Thank you Vince! Take your time, I am pleased to be your assistant updating the instruction to the Cubepilot docs.


Thanks for sharing this with the community. I think my Cube and Herelink are going to have to go into a build of this.

Can you confirm the OD spec of the CF tubes you used? I’m measuring them in the software at smaller than 16mm… are they .625 inch outer diameter perhaps?


Hi Matt.
From a previous build I had lots of this tube which has a strange OD as you say. It was a bit of a pain as there were no drills or reamers (at a reasonable price) so I got an adjustable reamer that covered that range. So basically tell me what size you would like the holes to be. I will upload a part with another sized hole. I woudnt like to go bigger than 17mm without beefing up the OD of that part (but would be ok if you wrap the part with a bit of CF tow. The danger comes if you try to force a tight fitting tube into that part as it will split for sure. Better have a nice fit and then put a few drops of CA. I did design a side hole to lock the tube with a small screw bit it didnt work very well. So tell me what size tube you would like say 12-17 mm.


16mm arm tubes would be very close to the current design and is easy to source. Appreciate it!


If I was printing on my own printer I would make it 16.2mm for a 16mm tube as holes are always a but smaller. Have just uploaded 16.2mm swing arms STLs

Perfect, thank you Vince!

That quad looks amazing. Your very talented. Creating a drone that not just looks very pleasing to the eye but also folds into a very neat portable package. 5 Stars.

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can you upload a boom list ? or specs of esc blades and motor ?
its my first drone but i can print a lot of different PACF material

how long you have you make the carbon rod for wings ?
and what is this between the 2 battery connector