Problem connecting with cube-pilot via micro usb cable

Hello.I have trouble connecting to cubepilot via micro usb cable

What is rts and cts can you please explain to me further ehat you mean by that?Also when i searched online the baud rate for the cube is different of that of the modems.My modems are set to 57600 but i dont know how to set the cube to the same baud rate.I cannot access it until the port is identified.I am trying to connect to it via micro usb but i dont seem to be able to access it.b

There are no RTS and CTS pin in USB port. I assume you are talking about other serial ports?

They are available for some peripherals with hardware flow control.

If I understand correctly hardware flow control is a software I have to download for my laptop to recognize the cube pilot?Also my cube pilot has 2 micro USB ports i can access as shown in the picture.Wich one should i access.Lastly there is a loose cable that I can find a use for and I didn’t find what it is in any of the manuals.Thank you so much in advance for your patience with me.

Also i followed the steps here: The Cube - Firmware Installation & Connection Troubleshooting - CubePilot and the only thing i am getting is this(see picture).Its like i am connecting a universal device even though i have uninstalled it cleared drivers form mission planner reboot the system and then reintall them before connecting it again…Im soo desparate please help

They are for specific serial protocol (see uart vs usart). If you stick with USB, you don’t have to care about them.

They are connecting to the same place. Use the one with cable because it is more durable under thousand times of plug and unplug.

Not sure which one you’re talking about. There are some cables are for backward compatible with old hardware and peripherals.

For the COM port issue, do Mission Planner let you flash firmware into that port?
If you have already tried reinstalled Mission Planner, do you have another computer to try on?