Problem using 2 herelinks simultaneously

Hey everyone,

I was trying to use 2 herelink systems together and noticed something strange. When I tried to change mode through one of the ground units then the mode changed in the other ground unit as well. Both ground units were paired to their own air units which were connected to cube orange.

Thought this might happen with all the things: but with arming it is fine, only one is getting armed. I observed the data (imu, GPS, etc.) is also fine, nothing is getting interchanged.

So, I wanted to know:

  1. why is this happening only with the flight modes?
  2. when using 2 telemetry radios with the same frequency it is advised to have two different network IDs, likewise what can be done in the case of herelink?

NOTE: my aim is to be able to do offboard control multiple UAVs using the herelink telemetry and at the same time get a live video feed. I have been able to do it with only one UAV, but I am facing the above issues with using 2 herelinks at once. I have only checked arming/disarming, mode change, data transfer, but I need to check what happens when I try to give a waypoint target, etc.


Both are connected to different cubes.

Actually, it was a bug from my side. I had connected two telemetry radios on the cubes with the same frequency as well as same net ID. So, I guess what was happening that when I was changing the mode in one of the cubes then the info was getting on the other as well as they have same frequency and net ID. My bad.

…so you can say you were controled 1 Cube with 2 different remotes and 1 HereLink??

I think 2 cubes/copters with one Herelink.

Herelink -> Cube 1 -> 433/868 MHz telemetry radio -> Cube 2

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