Problem with VTOL Transition in auto missions

Hi all! I’m having a weird problem that I can’t solve… My tilt-rotor VTOL is a MFD Nimbus 1800.

In AUTO missions, when transitioning from multicopter to fixed wing, the craft starts accelerating but it never finishes the transition maintaining front motors angled and airspeed no more than 13-17 m/s. I have try ARSPD_FBW_MIN from 15 to 17 m/s.

FC is a Cube Black with Arduplane 4.0.6

The transitions from Q_LOITER to CRUISE work like a charm every time. But transition in AUTO does not. This is our first time attempting AUTO missions with VTOLs.

The most weird thing is that it behaves in the same way, using DO_VTOL_TRANSITION or not using it, after VTOL TAKEOFF in the mission plan.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


Param file is attached. (7.1 KB)

I don’t have enough experience with quadplanes to answer your question, but thought I should mention that questions about the behavior of ardupilot is more likely to be answered by asking in the Ardupilot forums (choose your version of ArduPlane).

Sorry, you’re right… Moving it to Ardupilot forums.