ProfiCNC Support team

Could someone please share the contact detail of ProfiCNC support POC. We’ve been getting faulty products from GadgetsDeals repeatedly and they are not ready to provide a replacement or refund. Any leads would be appreciated.

I had similar issue with UAV Garage from india.still waiting for cube orange+ replacement as @philip already approved it and its gone 50days and they are not responding and not attending calls .

Hi @philip,
Please assist.


I know about your case, and have asked your reseller to follow up.

Some more details as to the steps you have followed to set up the unit would be appreciated, as well as a debug report from the units if possible.

I see you have sent a private message, I’m happy to assist you on that if you need, your reseller will need this same information

Your issue is unrelated, and is in progress. Yours is a specialty engineering requirement and is a custom cube.

Please be patient as this is a custom product

I will follow up

Hi, @dwaipayanb1994
What I Said was to you or your team whoever talk with me, that I can’t commit on timeline when I will get replacement or repaired unit back. I told it may take one month or five but that extreme happened with us when custom hold shipment for 4 months.
We already sent your products to cubepilot and waiting for it to be deliver to us.
You have to understand our limitations due to logistics in India.