ProfiLED chip?

Hi all, does anyone know the chip used in the ProfiLED? Having Gnd, Data, Clock and 5V I had assumed they would be compatible with DotStar/APA102/SK9822 LED strips as all the documentation I’ve found seem to say if its a four pin strip they should all work the same.

I have a working Hexsoon LED setup (these are programmed as ProfiLEDs) attached to a cube orange. I’ve simply disconnected and reconnected the APA102 strip (correct wiring and same 8 LEDs and 5V injection) but nothing. Is my assumption well off?

The main reason for not using the ProfiLEDs is a, because I don’t have any in hand and b, there are higher density LED strips out there (with data and clock).

Any help appreciated.

(oh and I don’t have any ‘Neopixel’ strips to hand ether, although they are substantially cheaper than ProfiLED or DotStar options so I’ll order and try those next if I cant get these working)