PX 4 with Herelink

Hello All,

Has any one used the PX4 FC with Herelink? If you have does it work similar to the Cube?

Thank You.

The PX4 firmware works fine on the Cube, and on HereLink.

However, the community here is 99% ardupilot, so you will get better support at the PX4 forums than here on this topic.

Hi @philip

Thank you for the info. I will check out that space when I get the PX4 mini I have ordered. Till then I am working with the cube, and as always looking at other ways to reduce weight.


PX4 is software!
There is no such thing as a PX4 mini!

Your obsession with trying every bit of junk hardware amuses me… but please cat it by it’s given name, or you will get answers that are not relevant.

You mean the PixFake 4 mini… please ask any support questions you have for that on the manufacturers support forums…

Ardupilot = software
PX4 = software
Pixhawk = hardware developed by ardupilot and PX4 hardware teams combined
Cube = the latest from that team
Pixhawk with any number after it other than 1 or 2 = hardware built by others cashing in on the reputation of our work.

Please keep conversation here about Cubes, I have no desire to be discussing hardware made by these companies

No worries, thanks for the info. Will look into that.

I had a quick check and I got this info from this site: https://pixhawk.org/ are this people fake?

The Pixhawk 4 mini is one of the FC listed by this mob.


It’s nothing to do with the Cube Again.

Pixhawk is a name that’s been cloned, stollen and borrowed over many years, yes that site is legit but again it’s far from as simple as that.

What is legit and reliable is The Cube, If your not sure what your looking at then just go with the Cube as that’s the simplest and Franky safest option.

Yes there are other options but as this is a Cube group that’s where your always going to get pushed For good reason as well.

There is zero reason not to use the Cube.

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Look at my post on why we do not use the name Pixhawk anymore.

I really don’t want to go over this again, but the Dronecode platinum board members absolutely shafted this project and ardupilot.

Hello to you both @philip & @MadRC,

Thank you for clearing it up for me. As you all know I am not new to the hobby, but I have not been active in this field for a good part of 25 years. I have come back to the hobby and I see five groups. One DJI and the second Pixhawk (Cube), the third group (Pixhawk 4) and the fourth group is (Eagle Tree Vector) and finally FPV (with all cheap fight controllers example Matek). I do not see any industry standard among any of you and each is trying safeguard their own patch.

It is a shame to see resources and talents being wasted, without a common industry goal, and standard. Also I notice there is no transmitter that can reliably get a model travel more than 2km and back (In the real world condition, and not in any laboratory condition. The only people that have this capability is the Military) Not a lot of improvement, in 25 years.

At the end of the day a person who is interested in using the products available in the market is forced into either one of this group. This seems not fair for person who loves his hobby and like to contribute to the hobby.

Thank you to both for your time.

Pixhawk 4? Or do you mean PX4

Pixhawk 4 is a piece of hardware made by another company.

I don’t disagree in the slightest that this is not fair!

We (Ardupilot) started Dronecode, and we invited PX4 in, then got stabbed in the back…

No, not fair


It is Pixhawk 4 mini from Holybro, and all functions including telemetry works with Herelink.

Please don’t confuse Pixhawk ( hardware) for PX4 .HereLink is compatible with Ardupilot and PX4 running on the cube.

The only real PIXHAWKS are the 1&2, all the rest are just others playing on the reputation of the real thing in my opinion.

This forum is for CubePilot hardware, if you insist on using other vendors hardware, please use their forums for assistance.

Obviously we will answer HereLink question, but beyond the ports, we cannot control any issues that may affect compatibility with inferior hardware