QGC is just for Beta. The final product will have Solex

QGC is just for Beta. The final product will have Solex

do we have any info on Solex ? and using it ?

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Yes most of the chat about it can be found in solo mod Facebook group. There is also a solex Facebook group.


Is soles still the main plan for Herelink or should we expect to see a version of mission planner ?

Also will this have an impact on the issue with RC controls being paused when you enter the tablet menus.


I heard the RC control being paused issue will be fixed in next release, so no matter qgc or solex it should be working properly


Do we still retain all the “smart shots” from the solo?

Smart shots are in the air unit, not Solex.
We plan on adding these over time.

I really hope QGC remains in addition to Solex. I love Solex for freestyle, but for autonomous mapping I find the Missions add-on inferior to QGC.

QGC will remain, it will be 100% your choice


Are we limited to QGC or Solex for this, or can we run some other software that supports MAVLink protocol as well? Some kind of custom API maybe?

You can do whatever you want with it… it’s your hardware :slight_smile:
Use QGC as a reference

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What’s the status on this ? Last videos I saw were still with QGC. Will the final product really have Solex ? Personally I find QGC a lot more convenient for autonomous flights etc…personally…

We are still in beta. You will always have the choice to use QGC if you want

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Hello @philip

It is all good that we will have the option to use either Solex or QGC, but at the moment we still need mission planner to calibrate the cube, and to do all other adjustments.

As beta users we have learned to use QGC and Mission Planner, why bring in another application (Solex) in the final product?

Also as it stands it is not practical to do calibration on the field without mission planner, so one would have to carry an additional PC with windows. Is it possible to run mission planner on Herelink or QGC with options to calibrate your model without the need for additional PC or any other device?

An update to QGC with the option to calibrate and do other necessary changes on the field will be much appreciated.

Thank You.

What field calibration can’t you do with QGC?

And Solex does all the calibrations.

You can choose between Solex or QGC

QGC is an open project, so feel free to contribute

Hi @Philip

Very Sorry, I have not answered your question yet. Very busy trying to reduce the weight of the components of the quad, and exploring alternatives, and the quad is in pieces.

Hi @Philip,

Sorry for the delay in reply, when calibrating the model in a new location I need access to the Compass calibration, and the QGC does not have this facility.

As per my understanding you have to carry out Compass calibration in each new location you fly your model. But in order to do that and to monitor the path on the map you still need access to mission planner, hence you have carry around your laptop.

Can you do Compass calibration with the QGC? I know you can down load the map to your Herelink, but then you also need access to the web and 5GHz connection. How do you get around these hurdles?

Thank You.

You NEVER need to do another compass calibration unless you make a physical hardware change to your vehicle no matter where in the world you fly.

Ardupilot automatically compensates for flight location, the calibration has nothing to do with that, the calibration is only to compensate for the effects of the airframe.

Unfortunately there are many myths surrounding the setup and calibration of vehicles that were propagated by companies who didn’t have a clue.