QGC status : Waiting for vehicle connection

Hello, I’m using herelink, cube orange, here3 gps, and here+ RTK. Previously all worked fine. now i have problem Qgc App can’t connect with my drone, :

  1. QGC status : Waiting for vehicle connection
  2. AirUnit LED1 Off, LED2 Yellow
  3. Herelink Radio status : Paired and data connected
  4. Remote can control the drone (sbus)

Steps that have been taken

  1. Reinstall firmware:
    Herelink Remote, (FRU01200409)
    Air Unit, (AAU01210729)
    Pixhawk (4.0.7 and 4.1.0 all tried)
  2. reset to default parameters, no use GPS & RTK
  3. Repairing Remote and Air Unit

Until now QGC can’t connect , Anyone help me please…

I’ve got the exact same problem. Updated Herelink to the latest a couple of days ago. Now I have SBUS control over the aircraft but it will not connect the QGC.

@Ace_Drone If you haven’t already seen it, there is a solution…

Check SERIAL1_BAUD parameter. Mine was on 57 and no connection. I’ve tried both 115 & 96 and both connected once I reset the FC.
Of course, if you are using the TELEM2 port you need to change SERIAL2_BAUD etc.

Hope this helps

How did you set the serial1_Baud parameter. Was this thro’ parameters under QGC. My QGC works fine but Solex keeps on indicating " Vehicle connecting "

Yes, although if you can’t connect to QGC on your Herelink you’ll need to do it like I did on a laptop through the Config List in Mission Planner.
I don’t use Solex so can’t really comment but I suspect you may need to check that it is using Mavlink2 and confirm the baud rate.

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@redtwenty I will try this
It was solved by reinstalling firmware (air unit, remote unit, FC) like first I got them, but one day the issue repeated again and again until now. That’s so annoying :grimacing:
I will try this way