QGC status : Waiting for vehicle connection

Hello, I’m using herelink, cube orange, here3 gps, and here+ RTK. Previously all worked fine. now i have problem Qgc App can’t connect with my drone, :

  1. QGC status : Waiting for vehicle connection
  2. AirUnit LED1 Off, LED2 Yellow
  3. Herelink Radio status : Paired and data connected
  4. Remote can control the drone (sbus)

Steps that have been taken

  1. Reinstall firmware:
    Herelink Remote, (FRU01200409)
    Air Unit, (AAU01210729)
    Pixhawk (4.0.7 and 4.1.0 all tried)
  2. reset to default parameters, no use GPS & RTK
  3. Repairing Remote and Air Unit

Until now QGC can’t connect , Anyone help me please…

I’ve got the exact same problem. Updated Herelink to the latest a couple of days ago. Now I have SBUS control over the aircraft but it will not connect the QGC.

@Ace_Drone If you haven’t already seen it, there is a solution…

Check SERIAL1_BAUD parameter. Mine was on 57 and no connection. I’ve tried both 115 & 96 and both connected once I reset the FC.
Of course, if you are using the TELEM2 port you need to change SERIAL2_BAUD etc.

Hope this helps

How did you set the serial1_Baud parameter. Was this thro’ parameters under QGC. My QGC works fine but Solex keeps on indicating " Vehicle connecting "

Yes, although if you can’t connect to QGC on your Herelink you’ll need to do it like I did on a laptop through the Config List in Mission Planner.
I don’t use Solex so can’t really comment but I suspect you may need to check that it is using Mavlink2 and confirm the baud rate.

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@redtwenty I will try this
It was solved by reinstalling firmware (air unit, remote unit, FC) like first I got them, but one day the issue repeated again and again until now. That’s so annoying :grimacing:
I will try this way

Dumb question, but what do you guys mean by FC? @redtwenty @Ace_Drone :sweat_smile:

Flight controller

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Hey All,

Here is a summary for anyone going through this issue again in the future:

If the aircraft suddenly disconnects from the QGC application and the controller cannot connect with the aircraft, there are a few things that could happen:

  1. Check that the Telemetry 1 on the Pixhawk Carrier Board is fine.
  2. Check that the Herelink controller and Air unit are paired.
    If the above two are fine then you can confirm that the Air Unit firmware has been corrupted and the solution is to reset the Airunit and Herelink Controller Firmware using this guide: How To Update Firmware

If the Telemetry 1 Connector is faulty, fix that and you should re-establish comms with the aircraft.

If the Herelink Controller and Air Unit are not paired, or you keep disconnecting after getting paired, then it is likely to do with the Herelink Controller firmware being corrupted. Reset the Herelink Controller from the Settings page on the Android Settings and Factory restore it, this should resolve the issue.

Hope this helps everyone!

Can check if cube orange and air unit are working properly.