QGC version Herelink vs. app store - param, mission download fails

The QGC version on latest Herelink stable is different then the one in the app store. When downloading the parameters, missions from pixhawk arducopter to Herelink especially the mission download is not working correctly and fails most of the time. When connecting with the app from the app store we don’t face this problem.
Anyone experiencing the same issue? Any way to fix this?

Yes. The QGC in Herelink is different because we made a few changes to fit the Herelink’s hardware.
You may need to load them 1 by 1 as the parameters maybe different in different version.
There is a function Compare parameters in Mission Planner that helps you compare them before modifying them.

How do you mean downloading 1 by 1? How can I download a mission from copter to Herelink 1by1?
The mission is uploaded via an IP connection onto the drone. Then downloaded to the Herelink that the pilot knows what the mission will be.

I only mean loading the parameters 1 by 1. This feature is available in Mission Planner

which reduce overwriting invalid parameters.

For the mission loading, can you share the error screen or message?