QGCS camera full screen

Hi guys, I am using one of my herelink unit solely just for gimbal and payload camera control, problem is I have just successfully updated to the latest firmware but QGCS seems to be be unable to turn off the HUD and telem overlay by double tapping on the screen. It used to be able to do that on an older firmware.

Has this feature been removed or is there some way to toggle it that I am unable to figure out?

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Please try to clean the cache of QGC, or reflash the firmware on Herelink controller.

Hi @Alvin . Thanks for the suggestion, but it is still not working.

I took another unit of herelink running the same firmware but this unit has uart connection to the flight controller. We realised that when the herelink gets a mavlink connection, you are able to double tap to enable and disable the HUD overlays for a full screen view. But once the mavlink connection gets terminated, the HUD and overlays will appear and cannot be turned off, until mavlink is back again.

Is there anyway to workaround this if I am using the herelink solely just as a video TX and gimbal / payload controller in this case?

Unfortunately we are not planning to add such feature.
However, you may try to use the video test app if you don’t have extra requirements.

As it is a test app, we cannot guarantee its performance.