Quad parts list


I’m looking for a one stop shop to purchase all the avionic components needed to build a quad with T-motor U7 420KV w/ 18" props for AV.

I’m currently on my fifth Mikrokopter build and would like to build one quad with the CUBE and see what the performance gains are. The on-line support here seems current and active.

Thank you in advance.



This is the global list of dealers; but there’s a caveat. Not all the dealers carry all the necessary parts – they’re more of an OEM. Just find a dealer who sells the Cube and Mauch for powering the craft. I’ve bought from IRLock and Harria Aerial as well as Jester’s Drones, GetFPV, and Ready Made RC. Just make sure they have the Mauch power products.


If you need one stop shop then it’s 3dxr.co.uk
You’ll find most things there.