Quadcopter crash after "Potential thrust loss" error

Before some hours I crashed my drone after the “Potential thrust loss” error appear on the Herelink controller during auto mission. Its not the first time that this error came up after updating cube firmware to latest.
At first I thought that was a motor or esc error and I change the motors and the esc but the error still
was appearing during a flight and more often in landing. I make a small survey in forums about this problem and I found that maybe is a motor or esc problem but it can be also a minor problem. So I was flying with caution and after I made about 2 hours of flight tests, today my drone again show this error and start descending without be able to change the descending speed or take control in Loiter mode, then I change to Althold for about 30 seconds and then I was able to gain control and altitude, but again I change to Loiter and start descending again. This time I was not fast enough to change to alt hold and the drone has a fast descending (not as fast as a brick but like I was having the throttle at lower position) and finally it crashed with out big damage to the drone.
I am attaching the log file so if someone can check it and inform me if it was really a mechanical failure or the error make the cube act weird and start descending when this error occur.
Thanks in advance


Looks like Motor 3 or ESC 3 failure, leading to instability. You can see the flight controller commands it to maximum output. With a Quad there’s not enough control and stability to survive with the loss of a motor.
Vibrations remained low, so it’s more likely an electrical issue than prop failure.

You might have a motor and ESC losing sync and not totally losing all thrust, but it’s not very useful. In that log the motor/ESC even comes back to life a couple of times before dying again.

You might need to change some ESC settings if possible, or change the ESCs or even motors.

It could be as simple as bad connections to that motor…

Thank you very much for your help