Quadplane modes in Solex

Hi, I’m trying to set up Qloiter and Qhover modes in Solex (A short press and A long press). Defining the buttons is pretty straight forward in Solex, but when I try to activate the mode by pressing the button, nothing happens. Works fine for other normal plane modes. I can activate these modes via Mission Planner and QGC, so my setup is definitely correct.
Anything I’m doing wrong?

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You perhaps do not seting quadplane mode parameters in APM yet

The VTOL has been tuned and is transitioning and flying well otherwise

I get an err=4 trying to change to any of qmode (qloiter, qautotune, qstabilize). Works fine changing from mission planner on PC

I get the same errors when trying to activate Q_* modes via herelink buttons.

I can change to Q_* modes in Mission Planner just fine. I am able to change to all regular plane modes on the herelink with the drop down menu and buttons, just no Q_* modes…


See this thread here: Herelink Solex TX buttons not working for VTOL Quadplane modes

No Quadplane modes support in Herelink Solex app at the moment.
Only in QGC app.