Quadrotor with Auto pilot - MATLAB code for controller implementation

Dear All,

We would like to procure Quadrotor with Autopilot. We need the option for implementing control algorithms made in MATLAB Simulink and M-file on the quadrotor to fly.

Can you plz suggest the make and suitable model.



@philip @sidbh can you answer his query.
How he can use ardupilot on Cube

do you already have the existing model?
the M file is a matlab only format, it will not work on any quadcopter as is. you would need to add a method to convert your M file to a format that can be used on a companion computer.
There is some talk about matlab integration here

and also a course on it here https://flyeval.com/course.html

Your question does not have a direct answer, as it requires knowledge of your algorithms, cpu requirements and other things. also what control modes you are using. if you are creates a new estimation system, or control system.