Question about custom power ways for The Orange Cube

Hi I am new here so I apologize if this question has already appeared on the forum.
My question is whether it is possible to properly re-solder the BEC so that it works as a Power module. The idea is not to get any readings apropos batteries from the bec but simply to be able to power the orange cube with the bec. The reason for this is that my model runs on current reaching 170 A and I am unable to find such a regulator that would make this possible.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

If your vehicle motors and accessories require more current than can be passed by the standard power module, then you need to go for an up-rated system, like the voltage and current sensors from Mauch. They also have a “Backup” BEC that can be used in the Power B port.

Search for Mauch Electronics HS-200-LV and HS-200-HV , and one of those voltage/current sensors will need it’s own Mauch BEC or Sensor Hub.

I’ve also seen where the standard power brick is just connected to the battery and used as the BEC and voltage sensor, and high current flow is bypassing the power brick via suitable heavy gauge wiring. I dont advise this, as the current reading is extremely handy for diagnostics and battery performance monitoring.
If you’ve got a copter or plane that requires 170 amps you should seriously consider a proper voltage/current sensor such as the Mauch, since your other components could already cost quite a lot of money and the correct voltage/current sensor would be the least of your expenses.

The standard power brick that comes with the Cube could be used as the backup BEC in the Power B port, provided it suits your battery voltage.